Move Mesh Verts Under UV Verts?

Hi All,

I am trying to create a split panel video. I have a single plane that I have divided into strips. I want some strips to be different sizes but I want the video to “project” onto the strips without distortion.

I thought I could simply resize the vertices of the mesh “underneath” the UV points but that does not work. When I change the mesh vertices, the UV mapping stretches.

Is there a way to make the UV not stretch?


I don’t think you can do this with a UV-mapped image. The UVs by definition are associated with the mesh coordinates. Do the images have to be UV-mapped? Can you remove the UVs and map it as a Flat projection with Global or Window coordinates?

may be with camera mapping in cycles

happy cycles

I was trying to avoid projection but that maybe the way to go. I can’t really use Global or Window coordinates because the camera will be in motion.

It would be neat if there was a way to “Hook” the UV vertices to mesh vertices.

someone else ask a question like that 2 weeks ago
and not possible if you change the UV verts it will change the image scale
even when using the pin mode!
not certain it is even possible to do that or if it is physicaly correct !

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You can Resize the partition via adding edge rings. just make sure when you first add your edge ring, you enalbe CORRECT UV’s option from the panel. This way, it will let you slide the edge without distorting the uvs.

(I guess, this is what you want to do)

I think the UV Project modifier might be what you want. The UVs will come from the “projector” object, so they can appear to span multiple objects and you’ll be able to resize/move the planes as you wish without the image being distorted. Or did you actually want to slice up the video as well?