Move model to another scene!?!?


I’ve created a model in one scene and the “World/Area” in another. Now I must somehow move the model to the world. How can I do that?


select the model in object mode press ‘CTRL-L’ > select to scene > select the scene with world/area.


Another similar question… How do I move a model from a Blend file to another?

File > Append…

You need to append (shift-f1) objects from one file to the one you have open.

Thanks alot!

Another similar question…:

How to move an object from one layer to another? :confused::slight_smile:

Select the object then press ‘M’ choose which layer you want it visible (with shift you can select more then one layer) then click ok.

All these shortcuts haha :smiley:

-Thanks again.

Move to Layer, (m), and Make Lines (Ctr-L) are both on the Objects submenu when you press spacebar for the main ‘popup’. So spacebar is really the only shortcut you need to remember :slight_smile:

File append (SH-F1) is under the FileMenu.