Move multiple objects to same z-position


Is there a fast way of moving multiple objects (that now all reside on different z-positions) to the same z-position while keeping their x- and y-positions unchanged?

I tried using the transform control window, but that seems only work for one object at a time.

Any help will be appreciated!

This function in included in blender 2.5. Select multiple objects and use Objects / Transform / Align Objects. Then select the axes and any of the other parameters to align in operator settings at the bottom of the tool shelf


where and how do you get this new align feature ?


as with most options, you can just hit spacebar and search for align objects.

another way to do it is to select all the objects you need to align, then hit s for scale, hit z to constrain scaling to z axis, then hit 0. they will all now be at the same z position.

Thanks for your help!

the spacebar align seems working fine

but teh S X 0 does not work
this scale each object flat!


Make sure you have ‘Move object centers only’ enabled