move object and head in walkthrough

Hi! I have this problem: I want to walk carring an object in a walkthrough.
In the walkthrough I walk with the arrow keys and move my head (the camera) using LMB. Now I want to move an object in my scene, so I need to catch the object and carry it. If I grab the object with the RMB I can’t move my head and take the object at the same time.
How can I move an object and my head (the camera) at the same time?

I thought that maybe could first catch the object with the RMB and the object remains caught until I hit again the RMB so I could move it in my scene and move my head too. So with one RMB clic in the object it start following the mouse, I put the mouse wherever I want to place the object and the object falls when I RMB clic again. Can this be possible?
And how could i solve this if it isn’t? :frowning:

If only there was a parent property that we could set. Maybe the tracking actuator? If the object didn’t have to be visible while you were walking around, like in an inventory, you could reset it’s coordinates when it was time to put it some place.

But the object needs to be visible while i’m carring it.
suppose i have a table and a cup and i just want to take the cup to the table i need to walk and move my head to reach the table.
Or i have a cupboard and i want to carry my cup from the table to the cupboard, can this be done?? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Just for the standard disclaimer here, I’m a newbie. I would think you would have to have a python script that reset the coordinates of the object every time the camera moved. I was also experimenting with sort of a 3d cursor that is out in space just in front of the camera and parented to it. I thought I could change mesh with the edit object actuator to a world object, only the object became scaled to my 3d cursor, very small. So that would leave somehow matching the coordinates of a world object with a 3d cursor. By the way, if you get something working I hope you’ll share it. I’ve been experimenting along the same lines.

I’m a newby too but I’m dead if I don’t get this working, please help

Well, this might work. Parent an empty out in front of the camera. Then when you use replace mesh it will probably take the scale of the other mesh.

Suppose I have my cup somewhere and I want to carry it into the table.
First I catch the cup somehow with the RMB then I start moving, I parent an empty so the empty goes with me to the table so I can move my head but how do i put the cup on the table? suppose i want to put it on the middle of the table
And I need some kind of 3D cursor too, because I don’t know the real position of the cup.
Excuse my english

Yeah. You’ll have to use python scripts. I don’t know if you know python or not, but you’re going to need it to do what your talking about. You could probably write a real simple game without it that mostly used the physics engine.