Move object towards either 3D cursor or other object?

Hi folks,

Imagine i have a cube.

Now i want to move it half way (or some other random amount, but not all the way) in the direction of another specific point in space, be that either the origin of another object or (preferably) the 3D cursor.

How could i do that? Is there more than one way?


Here ya go: it’s obscure, but insanely helpful:

Be sure to examine the uses of the other Options too: and ROTATION on “Location Only” is trippy.

Locations only , Rotation, Proportional editing ON:

Great, thanks!

I notice it doesn’t work in edit mode. Not sure if it would be useful though, and i think you have other tools to do the same thing in edit mode…

Object Mode only, because it’s actually move/rot/scl -ing the ORIGIN.

Since you started with Cube, and used “objects”, I assumed you meant Objects, not meshes.