Move objects from scene to scene

I must be missing something really obvious here; does anyone know how to move objects from scene to scene in a file? This seems pretty basic but it’s eluding me. Thanks very much.

I am also looking for a honda accord or equivalently ordinarily looking 3d car model (no textures; it’ll look vectorized) if anyone has one I can borrow.

To move objects to another scene:
In Object Mode: Select all objects you want to move or “link” to another scene. Press Ctrl + L, then choose “To Scene” and select the correct scene.

Now when when you got to that scene you will see your objects there.

Sorry I have no Hondas for ya but you can find blueprints for all kinds of cars here:

Look under “Blueprints, Vehicles, Cars -Urban”

I’m not the one being helped, but I appreciate the info. I figure if I finally use blender’s game engine to make a game with many levels, I have a way to use objects from previous scenes :slight_smile:

No problem. Of course the “Make Links” function only moves stuff between scenes in a single .blend file, but the Append function (found in the File menu) lets you import stuff from a completely separate .blend.

Found Zycho’s tutorial on it. (NaN era but still works)

I’m using Blender 2.58, and I tried to do this and was unable to. Any suggestions as to why? I selected all the objects I wanted to move, hit Ctrl+L and then selected the other scene I wanted to move it to in the menu. It did nothing. The objects stayed in the same scene. Anybody having the same problem? Anybody know what’s going on?

with blender-2.58
use default scene with cube, lamp, camera
create … 1 or 2 new scenes, they are named scene.001, scene.002
select in scene (default scene) the cube in object mode
in the menu -> object -> Make Links … -> Object to scene ->
… and select from the listed scenes the scene to link the object to

if you want the linked object as a totally new object, then
with the linked object duplicate it to create a new local object
and delete the linked (no more used) one
or go on working with the linked objects because
some changes (mesh-changes…) are in both scenes
(not the animation…)