Move of obstacle in Fluid sim using Follow Path constraint doesn't work

Hello everyone,

sorry for the long title, but I didn’t know of any shorter title, wich would say what I want :o. Anyway here’s a problem I have.

I want an obstacle to move through a fluid, using the Fluid sim. When you manually set the keyframes, everything works fine, but when I try it via a path, using a path constraint, you see no waves in front of the object (yes, the object is a boat, which I want to move through a ocean/water etc.) Is this possible? And, if so, how?

Thanks in advance

P.S. Here you can download the blend, maybe this will clear things.

Doesn’t anybody know a solution to this problem??? :frowning:

I just posted here. I think this may be something that should be posted to the bugtracker.

yeah, is there any way to “bake” a path animation directly to objects’ orientation IPOS? I bet a script would take care of that. seems like fluids only recognize direct object motion ipos, not parented animations - it always worked for me but I would use game engine IPO objects for physical simulations. looks like you’ll have to do it by hand with keys

also make sure your animating object is set to “noslip”

hey - see if this works - you can parent an object to a path, set the animation, and then remove the parenting with alt-p, keeping the orientation, position, etc it inherited from the parent. this might be enough for the fluid sim to recognize it

Did you remember to press the “export” button
next to the “Animated Mesh” in the options for
Obstacle in the Fluid Simulation panel?

For anything other than straight Location and
Rotation IPOs, you’ll need to activate that
option, otherwise parenting, constraints, things
like that aren’t taken into account.

Thanks to all, I will try to use the export button as soon as I get home…
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone again for replying. I tried to use the export button. It worked, only the object is now more or less ‘behind’ te wave, instead of in front of it… Any ideas how this can be solved?

Again, Thanks in advance, and if you want the blend file, don’t hesitate to e-mail me :slight_smile: