Move of one leg moves part of the other


Blender is cool with al lot of usefull stuf. But only the rigging cost a lot of weeks :slight_smile:

I have made a character with thin pipe legs and it is moving. But when I move one legs IK-target bone, its moves also (part of) the feet of the other leg. These thing could happen because of weight not correct. But I checked and do not see any abnormal paint. I have tried making the bones in the feet smaller, tried a smaller envelope diameter, rigging new from start a lot of times. not working.

It streches the second foot.

The file is setup each leg with 2 IK constraints (foot and knee).
Blender 2.8

Here is my file if you want to check:

Can anyone help me out?

I’ll see if I can take a look in a bit, but my immediate thought is that your bone weights from the left foot bone have bled onto the right foot. You’ll need to paint out the affected part of the right foot.

Yes, just weights. Notice the vertex I have selected, then look at the list of weights in the sidebar:

How’d it happen? Probably from trying to use autoweights on an object composed of multiple, separate meshes. Doesn’t help that there’s some non-manifold geometry. Autoweights aren’t good for that.

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Yes, now I see (I had render view on while in weight paint mode which makes the weight less obvious)
I have changed the weigth paint and it works! Relief al over. Also changed the mesh (of legs and feet) to manifold mesh, much cleaner and better to see, work with.
Thank you. This is helpfull.

But there is this thing with the upper part of the legs which have weight paint refences to the body, so when the leg moves the body deforms also. Since it is a very static body (and head) it must not deform. Only legs.
Now the 4 upper legbones have weight paint refence to the body. Is there an easier way to hold all the deform to only parts of the mesh?

Easier? Than weight painting? Vertex group weights are how the modifier deforms the mesh. If you want to change the deformation, you have to change vertex group weights.

But there are other ways to change weights than weight painting, and there may be ways of weight painting you’re not familiar with. You can use ctrl-g menu in edit mode. You can use the “assign” or “remove” buttons on properties/object data/vertex groups. You can use the “copy” button on the sidebar to copy from selected to active, or to enter raw numbers for a single vert. You can use linear gradients, possibly on multiply mode, alt LMB for me. You can use a “clean” operation in weight paint mode, and specify a minimum weight. I’m sure there’s more.

It shouldn’t be hard when you know all the tools at your disposal.

Thank you bandages
Yes, weight painting is easy per bones, but when you have a lot of bones it becomes more work en harder to do.
I have tried another option, bendy bones, which for these character legs is better anyway then normal bones. I have worked around the problem by giving each leg its own armature and parrenting mesh and armature per leg at the time.
Now the only negative is that each leg must be set in pose mode seperrately before animating. If there was only a way to put multiple armatures in pose mode at the same time.

I know blender has a lot of tools that are helpfull, but it is a lot.
I like it when I step by step master new techniques.