Move on 2 axes

Is it possible to move an object on multiple axes? I know you can click on the arrow axis and move in that direction but I have an angled plane @ 45 degrees and it’s difficult to keep resizing , so how do you do this?


Press Shift to constrain to two axes.
For example to scale on the X and Y axes press S / Shift+Z. Do the same with the maipulator holding the shift key

Given we’re talking about an angled plane, I’d also recommend using the NORMALS transformation orientation instead of global. Works best when used on a single vert or plane, as the summing math for multiple normals can give you results that dont quite align with what you want. Then there is also using existing lines, planes or verticies to define a custom tranform orientation direction. The advantage to this one is sometimes you need to be able to define a set of axi that dont match the global or local (yes, those two directions can be quite different) and then re-use them in a different spot and or object