Move on local axis not working

my object won’t move on local X, only global. Maybe this blender kit model is weird. But same thing happens when I add an empty in this file. If I open new blank scene, move on local X works fine, so maybe the file is corrupt.

Don’t move at a all or is local and global just the same ?? ( Yio know the shortcut G X X …?)

It’s possible there is some setting active in the options for viewport etc within the file. Try creating a new scene and just append the objects from the file into the new scene and see if that works.

thanks for your help

No worries, I’ve done that before now with a scene that behaves oddly, quicker than trying to figure if some hidden setting is active. Though that said, it may be worth then comparing the viewport / move options in the two scenes as it may save the issue bugging you in future. :nerd_face: