Move one armature bone with another, but only after rotation is 90 degrees

Armatures. is there a way to move one armatures location with another, but only after it rotates 90 degrees. Only moving the target when it reaches 90 degrees, not before? :spin: I tried transformation constraint, but it moves the target as it rotates to the 90 degrees. Just wondering?

The only thing that comes to mind would be using a driver on the main bone to activate a copy-rotation on the 2nd bone when the rotation has gone past 90 degrees. You might have to do some more trickery in the copy-rotation to get the correct rotation.

Not sure what your asking here… you want the first bone to Rotate some 90 degrees before the second bone starts to move?

Anyway… I’m thinking the easiest way out side of using a driver is to use the Action Constraint…

Well used the drivers and set f+curve on the shape key straight up and down at 90. it worked. Thanks.

Okay good deal… Yah once you get into using Drivers… all kinds of things open up… first learning them is a bit of a pain however…