Move one object away from another object?

You can set the rotation point of an object to the 3D cursor and the rotate around that point. Is there a way to move your object closer to or away from the 3d cursor?

You can set the transform orientation to ‘local’ and then move it.

depends. are we talking in edit mode or object mode?

cause if we are talking in ojbect mode, there is this little button with 3 dots on it that says “manipulate center points” (read this as object origins) only. by clicking that and then scaling in object mode it will move the object closer to the 3d cursor without otherwise deforming your mesh geometry

How do you get one of the local coordinate axes to pass through the object you’re moving away from?

When I use that, the scale and rotate modes don’t seem to do anything at all. It shows a black dotted arrow from the object to the mouse but nothing is changed when I click.

You could try applying a trackTo modifier to get the object to point at the target then simply move it along it’s local axis towards or away from it, (you could also store the transform orientation so you can move it later) and then remove the modifier when done.

There are probably even simpler ways to do this but I’ve only be using Blender for short time. Personally I’d look at creating a small script to achieve this, especially if you are moving lots of objects.

probably because your working with active object as the center of rotation, etc. try setting it to 3d cursor and see what happens.

This is because object centers only works on the origin, while applying an opposite effect to the geometry itself so that while you rotate or scale the actual geometry isnt changed. So, if you rotate or scale just that object based on its origin, you get a null value.