Move parent without moving children?

I have a set of doors modelled with various objects–the door face, door frame pieces, handles, objects which are attached to the door, etc.-- all parented to the hinge. The hinge is the parent and all these things are the children. To open the door the hinge rotates on it’s z-axis. Now I want to move the hinge up or down, without moving all the children. How can I do this without unparenting everything and then reparenting it all after the move… or is there a quick way to do this? There are many children objects.

Thank You.


I would setup an empty to control the rotation.
Then all objects are simply decorations that can be freely moved about.
You will have to reparent.

You could duplicate the hinges, move them to their new location, then move the original hinges to a non-rendering layer and animate on that layer.

Thank you for the very quick reply.

Is there a quick way to do the un- and re- parenting using groups? I’m pretty inexperienced with groups…