Move Save Startup File button to another place

Hello, blender devs!
Is it possible to move Save Startup File button to another place?
I often press this button accidentally
and confirmation dialogue does not stop me)
Thank you!

Just edit the 2.7x/scripts/startup/bl_ui/ at the blender’s folder, and remove line 126 (“layout.operator(“wm.save_homefile”, icon=‘SAVE_PREFS’)”)
or put it in some other menu.

+100500, non-usual place for such rarely used function anyway…

Thank you, Secrop!

also when modeling that whole ctrl+q gets me a lot when I want ctrl+w…then I click on the previously highlighted item and guess what? blender closes… :frowning:

I mean save and close should not be neighbors :slight_smile: one saves your work, one closes it and you lose all that work you wanted to save in the first place…I know I could just use ctrl+s but…I’m a creature of habit and I never, ever use ctrl+q to close blender…aside from the accidents that happen on occasion.

sorry I know it is not directly on topic, but it is a similar subject.