Move/Scale Gizmo Disappeared

Hey guys,

 I just noticed on one of my models that my gizmo has disappeared and was curious as how to get it back. I'm working with 2.48 and Python 2.5.2.

Much appreciated,


Welcome to the forum.
Ctrl + spacebar with your object selected may help you.

Sometimes, if your scale is really large, the gizmo can disappear as well. Just CTRL-A to select everything and then the S-Key to scale it all down.

Crtl + Spacebar worked. The model is extremely large, I set the clip end to 5000 so I could see everything. The first thing I imported was a house model in .stl format exported from Autodesk Revit so maybe the size of the model had something to do with it disappearing in the first place. Thanks for the welcome. I have been getting back into blender lately so I will probably be bugging all of you many times :slight_smile: