Move/scale UV texture in viewport

Does anybody know of a tool or add-on that could move scale rotate a UV texture in the 3D viewport?

particularly interior design students rendering in blender struggle with how different UV unwrapping and UV texturing is.

SketchUp has a tool which is quite genius to use

Didn’t looked int the video but i discovered this one UV Tool Suite for Blender (A set of tools to make editing UVs easier in Blender.) a few days ago while searching for something else… luckily i bookmarked it but didn’t look to dep intoit (like hundreds of others).

These tools can be accessed wither through the Kitfox - UV panel on the right of the 3D Viewport. You can also access them from the uv unwrap menu…

But IDK Kitfox ??

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Good find - I googled over the past weeks a lot but did not coke across that one

Edit: dear lord that’s the add-on I found once
I was close to think that I just imagined having Looked this add on

Hi cekuhnen,

Have you looked within the Blender Market as Quick UV [$] might work for you (although it is not free).