Move several objects, each in the direction of its normal


I’m trying to make an explosion in which a group of objects explodes outwards from a center point.

This would be easy to do if I could select all the objects at once and move them along their indivual normals. This way I could easily “expand” the position of each object.

Is there a way of doing this in Blender?

I know alt+s can scale faces along their normals, but I need to work in object mode (I guess?) since I’m doing an animation.

You can scale the objects centre point only. Set the pivot point to the explosion origin so the objects explode out from it.


Objects dont’ have a normal, but you can select all the objects and switch to “move object centers only” and scale outward – this will move the object centers out from their (cumulative) center point -

“move object centers only” is a toggle button, just left ofthe translation/rotation/scale widgets. It looks like 3 dots with left/right arrow underneath

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beat me to the punch

Thank you guys!

First I couldn’t get this feature to work, but then I realized I needed to first do a “origin to geometry” operation for my objects. This was because I created the objects from a same initial object by using PKEY to separate them and thus all my objects shared the same origin point.

But now it works, so thank you for this cool tip!