Move several objects together in opposite directions


Is it possible to select several objects and move them uniformally in the opposite directions? Here’s a picture of what I mean:

Any help will be appreciated!


There are several ways, but no direct one.

I´d create 8 empties in the object centers of your spheres.
Create an empty circle.
Parent the 8 empties to the circle.
Make Copy location constraints between the empties and your small spheres.
If you scale your circle now, the empties move the desired way, using copy location, your spheres will move along, but not scale with the empties, which however will scale, as they are parented to the circle you scale :wink:

You could use an armature and set the spheres to parent bones to a masterbone, and set the childbones not to inherit the scale of the parent.

You could also make a 8-gon circle with a transparent material and use vertexparenting for the spheres, but without trying I can´t tell right away if the spheres will scale or not.


Quite simple:

  1. Put the 3D cursor at the central point.
  2. Set 3D cursor as pivot point with (.) key.
  3. Turn on button “Manipulate object centers only” in the header.
  4. Select all desired objects and S to scale.

Edit: Fixed tooltip wording

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I was on animating the movement already :smiley:

Thank you guys!

in object mode, go to options (top right corner of viewport). select affect only > locations. now scale the objects. you can keyframe the location by pressing I > location and animate them.

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yes it has changed in 2.8, plus make sure that the Pivot Point is on Median Point