MOVE that BUS for AVERY!!!

Hello fellow Blenderheads!!

I know that I haven’t posted here much, but there is a reason for that. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to use Blender, or any other software package, for about 2 years now. Here is a little history as to why.

I am from Massachusetts and have 4 children and have been married since 1991. Of those 4 children, 2 of them are special needs, with one of them being very severe. His name is Avery and he will be 2 this month. He was born 2 months early, because my Wife had severe preeclampsia and was having heart failure, so they had to deliver him asap. Avery has spent months and months at Children’s Hospital, in Boston. When he is there, my Wife is also there with him 100% of the time. That leaves me to care for our other 3 children. Needless to say, it is very difficult to have our family split apart from each other, especially since we home school the 2 children without severe special needs. If you are interested, you can learn more about Avery here:
Our Ongoing Trial <— This is a Christian site, but I am only pointing to a specific section of it.

I apologize ahead of time if I am not supposed to post that link here, or the next one.

Well, Avery has been home now since January 2010 and we really would like to keep our family together, but our house was built in the 1920’s and is in desperate need of repair and it is potentially dangerous for Avery to be here. So, my Wife and I decided to apply to Extreme Makeover Home Edition. When a friend of the family found out that we were doing that, she created a Facebook support page for us called “MOVE that BUS for AVERY!!!”, which can be found here: MOVE that BUS for AVERY!!!

As of this writing, over 2,100 people have supported us here and the page has only been up since Thursday of last week! We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love that has been shown to our family.

I know this seems a bit self-serving and I apologize for that, but if anyone here has a Facebook account, would you please consider supporting our bid for a new home? We are not looking for any handouts from our supporters. We are just hoping that if enough people are behind us, that it may persuade ABC to choose our family, so that we can stay together.

We are eternally grateful for any help that any of you could provide.

Thank you SO much and may God bless you all!!

Joe Austin
Blender User Since The Days Of NaN