Move vertex / dynamic booleans in BGE

Good morning to all.

I’m trying to put my hands on the game engine to build up an application used to cnfigure a device our company is selling.
It is a window shutters automation and for each of the devices we’re selling needs to be checked for confomrity in terms of dimensions: based on the shutter leaf shape and its hinges size, the default moving arm may or not may interfere with the leaf - thus making it necessary to replace the default arm with another of different shape.

We are doing this with a CAD which means that salesman can’t be independent as they can’t have a licens of the CAD software just for this.

I would have liked to simulate this with the BGE but I am struggling in finding a way to modify the shutter leaf shape (the brown on the right side) or the wall one (the wall correspondant to the green leaf on the left side). In Blender, I would do this based on a cube correctly positioned and used in conjunction with a boolean opeator, but the BGE doesn’t seem to support booleans (that must be applied), and as such my only option seems the one of moving the actual vertices of the mesh.

Would hooks work? Do I need python to cause precise deformation (the measures are in mm and an error may hijack the purpose of the simulation, even though who takes the decision about using the standard arm or not is a human, and should choose based on common sense) and move the leaf in the correct position?

Even if in the future it may be good to have, I don’t need currently any fancy interface, the figures could be read from a text file, but I would like to distribute an executable file rather than having to use the entire Blender.

I attached an example and the 5 measureings we ask our customers (P is not important).

From memory hooks don’t work, but shapekeys do, and will allow the vertex deformation. Otherwise, you could rig it with an armature and animate the bones. Or use cubes that you can slide past each other to the right place (the math for building that geometry our of plain cubes isn’t to hard, even for specifying the various dimensions).

You may be able to get away without python to do accurate measurements so long as you ensure the interpolation of the shapekeys/animations is set to linear (in the graph editor)

Thank you, I will try your suggestions at soonest and will reply here about the results!