Move Vertex Fixed Distance Along Edge

Good afternoon,

I have a vertex that is on an edge (vertex is currently in the center of the edge since I did a subdivide on that edge), and I am now trying to slide that vertex along the edge (like a bead along a piece of string.)

I searched and found this old post:

This is doing exactly what I want to do, however, my issue is I need to move the vertex a fixed distance along the edge, and not just freely move it (in my case, I want to take it from it’s currently position and move it exactly 2 inches along the edge.)

The edge isn’t exactly aligned on any axis (x, y, z), so the usual trick I use of selecting vertex, pressing g, then axis, then just typing -2" and hitting enter isn’t working.

Thank you!

Hi, hit double G for vertex slide then type the value

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Apologies, I just remembered vertex slide uses a factor of the distance along the edge, so if you need a specific distance you’ll have to first create a new orientation from the edge, then use the regular transform tools to move it.

That worked, thank you very much!