Move vertices but keep original shape

Hey guys. I want to retarget a asset store asset I have for a slightly different use case. So I need to narrow it down a bit but keep the shape of it. If its a straigth shape I can just move the vertices and it would just work. But this is a curved shape. See screenshot. How Can I narrow it down without ruining the shape? Also I need to preserv UV. Thanks a million

Hey, Maybe use the ‘Lattice’ modifier or ‘parent’ it to an ‘empty’ and scale that in the appropriate axis, don’t forget to apply scale before you delete/unparent the empty.

Create a loop cut or cuts until one lines up with the desired width. Slide verts with Snap Tool enabled (that should preserve the Z uv’s and dissolve remaining loops. That way you will keep the UV intact. Hope it works. Not at my PC atm.

Yes, edge slide is one way. Select one side, g twice to slide, hold down ctrl to snap to increments, enable correct UV’s from the operator panel if the UV’s need to move too.

Those seem to be single edges across. Could also use normal transform orientation, individual origins pivot, select the edge ring in between sides and scale along the normal axis that is along the edges. It uses selected transform orientation when pressing axis key twice: S, Y, Y for example.

Slide edge will work, or even " offset edge " ( type e, for even after selecting both exterior edges )…