Move vertices

How should I move vertices without using hooks? Using NMesh, I must build the object using getraw and then I can access the vertices as the array, but I cannot seem to do the same with objects that have been imported or created normally. I have tried getrawfromobject (is that what it is called? I’m at work) but that does not seem to work in the same fashion.

first you have to get the data of your object by using

mesh = Object.Get(‘yourMesh’).getData()

than you could change the vertex coords by using for example

for vert in mesh.verts:[0] = ‘your x value’ as float[1] = ‘your y value’ as float[2] = ‘your z value’ as float

after all
you need to update your mesh using


and than maybe redraw the scene


little modif plus code tag :

thanks be to you and god bless your family