Move Verts from different objects at once?

Is there a way to move the verts (see attachement) from the wall and the wooden frame in one step? Or do I realy have to move the verts from the frame first and than the verts from the wall ? Swapping form object to edit mode all the time?

Thanks in advance


Join the objects, move the verts, split the objects (or keep them together).

that is the only way?

Could also use a hook to adjust all of them. That would give a helper object where the vertices are assigned to

Blender doesn’t support multi-object editing. Joining them into one object, or editing them separately is your best option.

This is a much better solution than joining objects.

In some cases. If it’s only one time operation, you might as well do it to both objects one at a time, but if you need to check 50 different variations, then, yes hooks are amazing. It’s very usefull when you need to scale an object keeping it’s proportions unchanged in some parts, as you can scale a bunch of locator hooks with Manipulate Center Points selected.

I can’t say my suggestion is better than anyone else’s since there’s absolutely nothing to base that on. It could be, depending on the setup or workflow, but none of that is explained or visible. People have given valid suggestions and good points.

The description and questions are very narrowed and there’s a typical cropshot that gives a keyhole view to what is being worked with and hides everything else. My suggestion is only to add an option to already suggested and answer the question in #3.

Yeah, I see that. I didn’t mean to sound as if I am talking about your answer being better or worse. I see you helping people all the time and I make an effort to do so as well. That’s my point - it entirely depends on the context that was left out for no reason at all. It sometimes seems as if we are trying to help harder than the ones asking the questions are trying to get helped. That’s a bit disappointing sometimes. Well, what you gonna do…

Thanks a lot. Joining works fine for me. I didnt know, blender will keep all the material settings seperatly so I could join and seperate whenever I want. Thats fine for me. Thanks a lot for your help! And as soon there is something to show… but right now its just an empty room :slight_smile: and I try to find a composition.

Usually I name all my objects like “wall_back, wall_right_tiles, window_frame_alu, window_frame_wood”, and so on. So I could find em easily in the outliner. But if I merge all those object, there will only be one. So that might be the reason why I couldnt get it in first step. But its ok for me.

“Out of the box” that is… There happens to be this though, which may be of interest: