Move x-symmetrical object to center of grid

I have a humaniod model that somehow got moved off center, that is, in ortho view mode, direct front view (numpad 1) the center of the humaniod does not line up with the vertical blue line anymore.

How do I get the humanoid back on center?

So far, I know it has something to do with putting the cursor on grid origin (Shift-C) and putting the humaniod’s object origin in the center of the humanoid (Move origin to geometry). After that, I’m unclear. I tried a few commands that gave strange results.


You question is vague since it can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Show us precisely what you have and what you want to achieve. Screenshots and a .blend file

If the object origin is still on the centre line of you object just set the object location to the centre line in the properties / transform properties

Is the object symmetrical ? Set origin / Origin the geometry, then move object as stated previously

Position the 3d cursor where you want the origin (Shift+S for options) to be and then Set Origin / Origin the 3d cursor, then move object as stated previously

It seems Blender has some major problems handing this object in other ways too. File seems corrupted. I’ll just roll back to an earlier save of the file where the humaniod is on center and progress from there.