Moveable joint between 2 objects


please considder me to be a newcomer in this Blender world…

Are moveable joints between 2 objects made by use of a bone?

I am thinking of for instance:

  • a hinge between 2 objects
  • a rotating wheel bearing

What I think to understand about rigging with bones so far is that those bones can bend a single mesh.
But what in case of two separate objects?

Thank you in advance for any helpful comment.


2 Armature bones, with one joint, can be used on both, a single mesh object, or two different mesh object.
For example, you can use 2 armature bones to deform a leg, which is one mesh.
Also, you can use 2 armature bones to control the lid of a box opening, which could be 2 seperate meshes.

Thank you, that was fast!

The meshes don’t have to be connected to be in the same object. So, you could have two separate meshes, one leaf of a hinge, and the other leaf of the hinge, be part of the same object.

Or, depending on the model and how it moves, you could simply animate the object itself without any bones.

Lots of ways to skin that particular cat, and the method you choose would depend on the actual model and what you wanted to do with it.

I want to make a piston, connecticting rod, flywheel combination.

That’s actually not a trivial problem since the connecting rod needs to obey two masters. Do you want to hand animate it or automate it with physics simulation?

With logic blocks Haunt.

What are logic blocks?
There are logic bricks and data blocks, but logic blocks?

Physics or armatures?

Logic bricks and armatures.

I want to cancel this thread and want to shortly explain why.
Sofar I used DarkBASIC Pro as game engine and started to look into Blender as the source for the 3d models I need as .x files.
Then decided to give Blenders Game Engine a try so I could have the worflow all in one package.
Now got to find out that this BGE is not functioning to produce stand-alone executables.
Since I have to return to DarkBasic there’s no need to spend more time in Blender other then producing the needed .x files I need.
Thanks for your time.


Is the addon for producing exe’s gone?

The addon just doesn’t work.
It’s a mess. People throwing words towards each other.
I don’t want to waste my time on things like that.

Hi Frans

I didn’t throw words. I just wanted to help. Last time I used the generated blender exe, it worked just fine.

You have every freedom to use or not use what you want. If you want to, you can use the thread to show the result when you’ve finished the project.


Oh no Pete, I absolutely don’t mean you here.
What happened is this:
I opened a thread about the BGE because it doesn’t work for me.
I activated the addon and it appears allright in File -> Export.
But then it comes with an error so I got stuck.
At the Preferences -> Addon activation I pressed the option of reporting a bug, just to find out it doesn’t work in version 2.69.
Started searching for other users experiences with the addon and there is where I found out about people disagreeing about the whole BGE concept in Blender.

So please, don’t take this personel.
I should have taken more care in formulating my words.

Thanks for you willing to help me.