Movement along a Curve in Game Engine

Hi everyone,
I am new with Game Engine, and I have a problem with something similar to bike chain. During simple animation, I used array modifier to duplicate those single chain elements, and then I used curve modifier, so that this chain was moving on a path created by me. Seems that all of those arragements don’t work in Game Engine at all. Could anyone give me a hand with developing this on-curve-movement in Game Engine? Thank you very much for any help! With regards:)

I forgot to attach my blend project:
cos.blend (5.25 MB)
Anyone got an idea? I would appreciate it very much :slight_smile:

Anyone got any idea? I found out there are some uv scroll scripts in python, which are likely to manage this movement for me, but I don’t exactly know how to use them in my project. Could you please give me a hand?:slight_smile:

you may record the action in blender render and make an animation.

Record the action? You mean bake the action? or is there another tool? I already used baking, but as long as parts of my conveyor belt are the array, the results of baking are very weird in BGE (the whole conveyor belt is just moving along the axe).
Thank you very much for the answer :slight_smile:

i made a mistake. at the top of a normal 3d window in blender game there is the pull down gamemenu at the top of the window next to the file menu. there is an option “record animation”. it was there to use the physics in the gameengine to let for example roll some balls, you can record this animation and use it with blender render. the problem is, there isnt such an option in blender render so this will not solve your problem.

but i think with this uv scroll things you are at the right way. try to search for tank chain or something like this . i am not sure but i think that somebody asked for a similar problem with tank chains before. i am a noob in bge so i cannot tell you how to do it but it is possible to animate textures.

I was actually working on this recently but ran in to a problem. the problem is that i suck at calculus and algebra. starting with the basic node-following script i came up with, the idea was to use the ‘Factor’ parameter in the alignAxisToVect(). as stated in the Blender docs, this parameter allows you to rotate your object only a (fraction) of the distance to the desired vector. if you couple that parameter with a parabolic formula, you can essentially make an object follow a curve…kind of.

after thinking about it, this might not be the best way. perhaps just calculate a normal curve between two points and plot a certain number of targets positions along that path. the more intermediate steps, the smoother the curve will appear. i just don’t know how to do the initial calculation. maybe i should start a new thread and get this one figured out for you.