Movement between loc rot lock

When I set my location rotation lock 4 places on the time line the 2 middle with the same location and rotation so the object will not move, it moves. I assumed it was because the curves where smoothed. I can fix it in graph editor.
2.49 would see the curves and make them straight between the 2 same loc rot settings on the time line so the object is still. How do I set my preferences to do this?

I forgot to add this

Auto clamped in user preference editing users preference new f curve defaults. I had to sleep on it.
The first two times i saw this I thought I did something myself. Lost 1/2 a day.

I’m guessing you already know how to hit “T” for ‘interpolation’ and then choose ‘Linear’ to straiten out curves…
you also can hit “S” to scale that line to completely Flat and Level so that it has no ‘rising’ motion on it…

Nope did not not that, did not know the hot key T. Now If I try to change my z location in the graph editor it changes the x and y .
To me it looks like all I need to do is pull up the big hump on the curve and adjust the handles to get a higher smoother jump on the z axes but no the object move up and forward if I adjust the z curve??