Movement constraint (NOT Armatures)

(harkyman) #1

Just thought I’d ask, before I make a dope of myself.

Is there any way to constrain the movement of objects when moving them with the Grab (GKey) command? I.e., you’re in a camera view - select an object - hit ‘G’ - and then use some other key or command to move the object only along a single local or global axis? 3DSr3 could do this when I used it as a student many years ago, and I used it all the time. I wish for that feature daily in Blender.

Have I been a bonehead and just missed something very simple that everyone else knows about, or does this not currently exist?

If it doesn’t, it’s the first thing I’m coding into the open-sourced Blender.

(theeth) #2

just press the middle mouse button after moving in the direction you want to constraint to.


(harkyman) #3

Oh holy shit, I am such an idiot.