movement is VERY slow now

I am not sure what i did, but everything I try to move is moved slowly… i am not holding the shift key down or the ctrl down… example: hit g to move my item, takes several passes to get it to move one blender block…

Hey! I have a similar problem using ctrl + left/right arrow or ctrl + 4/6 when trying to move around my .blend - happens at seemingly random times and then it disappears as mysteriously.

Mac OSX 10.4.8

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Marco :smiley:

Check to make sure you aren’t centered around anything that is behind you. Whether you have the object selected or not, Blender rotates around one point and slows down the zoom and movement when you get to that object’s distance, even if you aren’t looking at it anymore.
Try reseting what you rotate around by hitting the “.” key on the keypad with an object selected. Hopefully that should help.