Movement never stops with shape=mesh

B 2.91.2
Nothing I do will stop the cube’s movement. How can I make it behave with shape=mesh as it does with shape=box or convex hull?

It bounces forever even with completely inelastic collision when the shape=mesh. It does behave reasonably with shape=box or convex hull but I need shape=mesh for complex shapes in the real project. The best I got was a mostly still box but permanently vibrating. Nothing makes sense either. Settings seem to do nothing or do wrong things.

Blender seems so focused on adding new features that existing ones are left unfinished, with bugs and poor usability. It would be good if the developers fixed and completed the existing Blender features.

LeafPhysicsTest.blend (859.8 KB)

The problem seems to come from Sensitivity->Margin. The distance where collision starts to be considered. The cube, and a geosphere I added, behave better with zero distance on those settings (also zero for the ground). But zero margin causes problems like sinking into or through the ground but small margins work ok. Adjusting the various damping things can fix the perpetual motion and if necessary the Deactivation feature can stop it.

So I’ll consider this one solved.