movement problem


I made this test blend to test out my light idea and my movement idea,the light is fine but the movement is an other story: I first used simple movement loc. , but as u might my player would pss right trough the walls, so I used linv, it worked perfectely accept the sliding to a stop that I don’t want to have, so now i used linv and a second setup wich stops the player(0.00 isn’t recognised so i used 0.10), it works perfectely, but It has one mayor problem: I can onely use each key once…

plz help


P.S. use wasd to move(little cube was a experiment(use left arrowkey))


wtf.blend (500 KB)

I am a little confused but this might be able to stop the sliding to a stop.
You can raise the friction to stop the sliding to a stop.

Thx, that did the trick!