Movement problem

I have this REALLY annoying issue that has been keeping me away from being able to properly animate the rotors of the helicopter I’ve modeled for the Source Engine.

Some information:
The helicopter is divided in three different meshes, the body, the top rotor and the back rotor.

Now the problem is as follow:
If I create a new mesh, like a cube and move it around, it’s fine. But as soon as the cube goes near by, say, the top rotor, if I move that cube again the rotor will start moving with it even though I have not joined or parented the two, nor do I have the rotor selected when moving the cube. How do I disable that and stop it from happening? What’s going on? I need help ASAP please.

Here’s what I’m trying to say:

Ensure you have not enabled proportional editing. For some reason you cropped your screenshot (please don’t) so we cannot see if it’s enabled or not

You’re a life saver, thank you very much this has fixed my issue.