Movement questions. Help!

How can I move Object relative to Camera?

When uparrow is pressed, the Object should move away from Camera, when rightarrow is pressed, the Object should move right from Camera’s point of view, and so on…

How do I set the Object’s angle towards the moving direction?

How can I set the Camera to rotate it’s z-axis towards Object, but the Camera’s location does not change?


Do u know about Parenting? Parent means the camera will follow the object around. How about Track to Contriant? That means the camera will always be looking at the object, no matter what direction it moves. To move the object you will need to use the data blocks.
(To Parent, right click on the object, and then hold down the left shirt button, and right click on the camera. Now hold down ctrl and press the P key - ur mouse pointer should still be in the object scene, and now click parent in the little window that pops up. To Track to, do the same thing, select the object, then the camera, but this time, hold ctrl and press the Y key.)
Here is the best tutorial I’ve ever found for Blender; it was written by a hightschool teacher for a 3D - class he teaches, and he re-writes it about every year. This one is for Blender 2.49b. Here’s the link:

another good one is the Blender BSOD Game Engine tutorial; it’s is much shorter and quickly teaches u how to moved stuff around with the arrow keys. Sorry, just tried to find an active link but they are all dead ends. Just type the name into the browser…maybe something like “download bsod game engine pdf” ; that’s how I got mine. It’s pretty popular.

Good luck.
(p.s. There should be a copy of the Blender Hot Keys, a PDF, in ur Blender folder (c;/programs/Blender/Blender…)

Yes, I know about parenting. I have previously used vertex parenting from Camera to Object’s one vertex. This has made the Camera follow the Object, but retain its angle.

What should I do with the tracking(Ctrl+Y)? I chose Camera and Object and pressed the button combination, but I just get “no redo available”. I’m sure I’m just being a noob :no:

And data blocks? I have previously moved the Object by adding to the Y-axis and rotated the Z-axis when left or right is pressed.

Ok, I got the camera work correctly.

Now how can I move the object move left/right/forward/backward from camera’s perspective?

you have multiple ways to solve this, but lets do it with 2 objects.

1 object is set up to have its Center at cameras position, and when pressing left or right, it rotates around its own axis.
this is the runway for the other object, that is a children of the runway.
When you now press Up or down, this object will have to move away or come closer.
Example is in the attachments.

The other thing would need you to know python and then it is a simple geometric class :wink:
Rotate object X always to cam, Move object around cam always with same distance and finaly change distance on pressing up or down.

greets Equal


Runway.blend (198 KB)

Thanks! It works. :slight_smile:

But there is one problem now. My character moves(rotates) faster when it is farther from the camera and when it is closer, it moves slower.

for this you would need a script that simply calculates the distance from A to B and myltiplying this with a number

the result will be put in the actuators motion vaule
(i would do this but dont have time right now)

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Please do it when you have time?

So here is the blend with the script.
For any other things i can only recommend you to lern python :wink: because it makes
life easier inthe BGE and allowes alot of stuff.

Here is a good book:

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Runway.blend (206 KB)

Thanks! I will surely learn python, but it takes time :frowning: Gotta be patient…