Movement setup (Demo.blend) python + logic bricks

So after years of blendering and learning from this community I will finaly contribute whit something.

This is an Movement Setup to the Blender Game Engine.

What it can do:

Moving backward, forward and in sideways
Setting Max Speed
Setting Acceleration
Setting friction
Setting Air friction

How to use it?

use WASD to move around and SPACE to jump
Use the to configure the script.

If you need it in an other file than the Demo file, just copy it’s setup.
also be sure to give the player_length in the Settings file an correct value.

Where and when can I use it?

This setup is copyrighted to me, meaning I can do whatever I want whit it (I made it).
As I can do everything that I want whit it, I’m allowing anyone to use it in what ever way they like
as long as some credits are given to me when they (u guys) do so.
If you have a problem whit this, just ignore it and use it anyway, idc.

Problems, suggestions and feedback

Leave it here in this thread or pm me

Known Bugs

*if the object who is using this script is standing on an edge so that its origin is outside the ground, jumping won’t work, this is bco the ray sensor won’t hit an object and is needed for jumping.
-the ray sensor is used to prevent wall climbing that is possible if only the collision sensor is used.

  • setting some of the oppositions to extreme values will result in an undefined behavior
  • allot off misspellings in the scripts.


Here: Movement_Demo.blend (496 KB)

Thank u, will make life easier :slight_smile: