movement through walls prob

hi all can anyone please have a nosey at my maze game and see if they can rectify my movement so that i don’t go right through the walls.i have managed to stop it from going through, but if one holds the key in, it forces itself through making the maze useless.thanks all.


My Maze.blend (328 KB)

The difference of the box between iterations is bigger than the width of the walls, so that’s why you’re box can go trough the walls. You should use forces (physics) instead if you don’t want that.

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Don’t use Loc for your movement. Loc literally takes your object and moves it the distance in your actuator. If it happens to teleport to one side of a wall, then it pushes your dynamic object through it.

If you want to have more realistic movement, try looking up Servo motion or just use plain ol’ force.


thank you very much for that.

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