HI everyone ! :smiley:

Im a little bit new to the game engine part in blender, and im having problems with the movement physics on my character; its sliding all over the place.

I tried to fix that by increasing the friction and damping, but nothing seems to work too well. How do i make it so as soon as you let go of the move key, the character will stop aoutomaticly instead of sliding?

here are the physics for the empty that i am using for my movement:

Thanks in advance :wink:

Well, your pic is gone, but that doesnโ€™t matter. Instead of using Force, use dLoc. It will do what you want, but remember that the values need to be a lot smaller (say 0.5).

Hmmโ€ฆ forgot which post, but someone was having the same problem. So I just rigged a small .blend for movement. You can get the .blend file here.

Jason Lin

Thanks a LOT everyone :smiley: ! How would I go about making the camera rotate with the mouse (aim)? would it have to be a motion actuator or a camera actuator?

Making a camera move with the mouse could best be accomplished with python. Search the forums for mouselook script and see what you get.

I reccomend z3r0 dโ€™s mouselook script. Put that in the search author field.

OK, I got the script (
from this post) , but i do not know how to implement it :frowning: . Can some one tell me how i implement the code plz .

take the walkthrough demo in