Hey all,

I’m trying to make a game that looks a lot like this:

I’m advanced enough to make it, but I got stucked… at the movement system… -.-
At first i wanted to make it with the spaceship track to mouse cursor, but also with the arrow keys I can’t get it done.

Anyone care to give it a shot?

Thanks. :wink:

Oh yea… I already tried to make the whole planet turn… but that makes everything harder when I develope the game more.

*edit some hours later
Hey all,

I made a system in which the planet turns… and the bullets also turn etc. etc. etc. And it works. But if anyone still has a easier way to make it, i would love to hear it. xD

I’m not sure i understand the whole track to mouse/arrow keys thing. I’d be happy to help, but you have to show me what you mean

Yea nevermind sry. xD I already figured it out. ^^ I’ll upload .blend in a few days