Movie C.E. ► Effect Strip Option isn't available v2.69, v2.75?


I just spent the last 3 hours trying to simply scale and rotate a png with transparent background.
In a youtube video he could do it with v2.71, I v2.69 so I updated to v2.75 and still is nowhere to be found.
What am I missing here? Do I need an add on or special configuration ?

Video Sequencer Editor effect strips are in blender 2.75. Presumably you are looking for the transform effect strip

Please show us where you are looking for this and what you actually see

Hi, I was looking for it udner Video Editing > Add Image > right Panel section below the screen play area. The following are listed Edit Strip, Strip Input, Filter, Proxy / Timecode, Modifiers, Custom Properties. I don’t get why Effect Strip is missing. In the added image file you can see it.

Hi Richard,
I dont know what happened to the reply + image, i’m sorry. If it didn’t get approved one should be notified about that. Anyways, I was looking for Panel ► Effect Strip (position, scale and rotation) under Video Editing -> Add an image -> on the right side below the screen area. But only following panels are available atm: Edit Strip, Strip Input, Filter, Proxy/Timecode, Modifiers, Custom Properties, though, positioning the image worked but under a different panel Strip Input -> image offset -> XY click’n drag. That is weird to me.

Quick update: It worked by Adding an Image -> Effect Strip -> Transform. Voila panel pops up with required options. Thank you very much Rich. But this is such useful feature, why is it neccesary to extra add a effect strip I don’t get it.