Movie Clip Editor displays 16:9 mpeg in incorrect format

Hi - please forgive newbie question: when loading a 16:9 HD mpeg movie (1928 x 1080) in the Movie Clip Editor, it is displayed in a 4:3 ratio, i.e squashed horizontally. The mpeg file was created in Adobe Premiere, and displays correctly in Windows Media Viewer (and it’s not anamorphic).

Is there a setting somewhere that I can adjust to get it to display correctly?

Have you set the correct render resolution and pixel aspect ratios to match that of the footage ?

Yes, they’re the same as the images from which the movie was made - i.e resolution 1928 x 1080, square pixels.

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Try to adjust the pixel aspect ratio setting in the Camera settings of the MCE. Usually it uses the correct settings though, 1920*1080 with square pixels should load just fine, however for the footage from for example I have to use a value of 1.5 there.

Yes, you’re right, Sebastian - thanks. It can be fixed in Camera settings or Display settings of the MCE. It needs a value of 1.33, so I’m guessing that either (a)the mpeg has got a value set incorrectly (as 4:3) in a header somewhere, or (b) Blender is making the incorrect assumption that the mpeg is 4:3.

I had not noticed before that 4:3 is 1.3333 wider than 1:1, and 16:9 is 1.3333 wider than 4:3, and Cinemascope is (almost) 1.3333 wider than 16:9. I wonder why?