Movie Clip Editor - no audio on stabilized clip

I’ve just started using Blender for editing video and have been stabilising footage in the movie clip editor. The clips stabilize fine, but when rendered from the compositor the audio is missing.

I’ve tried it in 2.83.5 and 2.90.1 - no success in either.

I’ve double checked the render settings which are:

Can any one throw some light on this please?


Are you getting sound when playing back in blenders timeline prior to rendering ?

If so…

Have you tired a different container (just for testing/trouble shooting), Quicktime or something else ?

Hello Joe

No the audio isn’t output in the time line before rendering.

The original clip has good audio. I will try a different container as you suggest.

Hello again

A bit more googling enlightened me!

There’s no audio in Movie Clip editor, so I’m going to have to move audio across from unstabilised clip in sequencer. A lot of learning still needed!

Thanks anyway.

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