Movie clip editor problem - screwed up frames

I’m trying to track some footage (following the Track, Match, Blend dvd training) and on the video dealing with 2 point tracking, when I start to track a point, random frames will be missing, throwing my tracker off. Sometimes the beginning frame of the footage will even change completely. I’m not sure if it’s just an issue with the movie clip or how blender’s reading it, but I’m thinking about converting it to an image sequence and seeing if that works. It’s weird tho, cause I did the first project with the video and it worked fine. I just don’t get what the deal is.

so uh, nothing? nobody else ever had this problem? it’s still happening even with the new 2.63 version.

well I still have no idea what the problem was (and apparently neither does anybody else), but I converted the footage to an image sequence and it worked fine then. musta been the footage file or something. anyway, I hope this helps someone else figure it out if this problem wasn’t unique to me.

Was the file from the DVD? Did you buffer it all into ram in clip editor window? Seems odd. Did you try using the version of blender on the DVD ?

yea it was from the dvd, but I don’t have enough ram to get the whole thing at once. I didn’t with the first lesson either, but that went without a hitch.
No, but I did use two separate versions, 2.62 and 2.63, I think both were official releases.

Later in the DVD the instructor suggests using smaller buffered zones of the timeline and tracking them sequentially, that is do frames 1-50 first then 51-100 etc.