Movie Clip Texturing in Cycles

Hey, all!

I’ve been trying to work with applying a movie clip texture to a face using Cycles, but tragically I only get a purple face! I can texture with stills just fine, which is why I’m confused (I hope the feature is even supported!).

I’m using an .AVI file, texture coordinates generated, Color selected, flat projection. I am somewhat new to Cycles but have been trying to find an answer to this elsewhere online and am having trouble :stuck_out_tongue: Help is definitely appreciated! Thank you guys a lot! If needed, I can provide further details.


This feature is not supported in 2.65a. you will need a development build of Blender from say, buildbot
or get the 2.66 test build there

Hi Olson,

Thank you very much for the pointer! I will download and test out asap. I was able to get things working just fine in Blender Render and it just left me feeling so empty after seeing the Cycles render before the last step, which was the movie clip texture :stuck_out_tongue: