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(hope this is the right place to ask…)
well to the buisness… i have not found any tutorials about how to get your renderd avi raw animation into real .avi file so if you browse the folder where the .avi should be you can actualy view the .avi with some sort of media player.

so if someone know a tut. about this then maybe you might point it out, please?

hope im not wasting to much of your time with this(probably stupid) guestion. %|

An AVI RAW is a real AVI. If your AVI player can’t play it then it’s weak…

To compress it, start Blender and change your 3D View “window” (or “area” as it’s called in Blender) to the Video Sequence Editor.

Press F10 and in the Format panel (in the Buttons area below) choose what type of AVI output you want to produce.

In the Video Sequence Editor window, press Shift-A and select “movie” from the menu. You’ll get a file dialogue where you can select your raw AVI file. Place it.

In the buttons below again, in the “Anim” panel, set your Start and End frame count (displayed with the movie above). Click the “Do Sequence” button (so that it becomes darkened). Click ANIM.

This works swimmingly on Windows and (I believe) OS X. On Linux, you might not have the option to compress the AVI with the codec you want (I don’t use Blender in Linux, so I’m not 100% sure here…). Anyway, if that’s the case, you’ll need a third-party application to do the job. This topic has popped up before here and forum members have listed a number of great applications that will do what you want. Use the forum search for avi and codec and I think you’ll find those posts.

Good luck!

:smiley: thank you Douas i am working on windows xp home sp 2 (for now) so i guess it will work fine… and boy am i exited… so thanks again.

only one thing i cannot get is that after shift+akey do i have to select an all ready exsisting avi file? :o (or is it just that im stupid)

Yes. “Movie” is for AVI or MOV files (you want to convert your raw AVI to a compressed codec AVI right?)

“Images” is for a sequence of image files, like PNG or TIFF or BMP or whatever. Most of the other things in the menu are effects for blending stuff together.

The Sequence Editor is for modifying existing output.

When rendering an animation the first time, what you usually want to do is render to images. That way if something goes wrong you don’t have to start rendering from the very beginning. Just adjust your start frame and pick up where things went wrong. Then you’ve got a directory full of 0001.png, 0002.png, etc. which can afterwards be turned into a compressed AVI using the Sequence Editor.

Popular here are the DivX and Xvid codecs. If you don’t have them you can google them.

rendering to avi codec right now.

just in case… i in the first post i meant that i want to “save” it in to an .avi<might this help me?

Da…m…njeah… now i got it.

thanks alot.^^ so easy… (now i know for shure that i am stupid)

I’ve never used Blender’s Sequence Editor, but I’ve done loads of video work in Windows. Thus I’m not sure what Blender has to offer by way of video compression/recompression, but if its too hard or unsatisfactory, use a popular video program called VirtualDub.

This program is great, and it gives you brilliant AVI recompression. Also it has lots of filters (check the filter menu) to size it right or set it up for TV/DVD, etc. It can only write AVI files, not other formats, but with the right plugins it can read other formats (may even be able to write to them).

Importantly, you’ll want to get yourself the DivX codec then use VDub to encode to that format - it is teensy in file size but with quite good quality.

There is another program that I used a lot, that may be usefull. Check out

You can compress video files to DivX, or to Xvid (almost identical to divx and plays on most divx hardware dvd players). Ive used it a lot and it doesnt seem to fall over.

I mentioned it on another post, but for all of your needs, there is really only MPlayer/MEncoder

quite powerful, and will probably do just about everything your little heart could ask for…