Movie Credits

Lets say I wanted to make some movie credits in blender . How would I make the text, after fading in, explode into particles, and/or blow away like dust?

uh, how do I install the patch? And how would I make a solid object blow away like dust/smoke?

That patch is for the source code so unless you can compile the code with a c compiler, it is no use. It may be included in a future version of Blender and might be included with v 2.40 but I couldn’t find it in the modifier list.

I’m not going to mess with compiling anything. How about smoke, or dust for the text?

How about finding a build in the Test Build section on that already has the patch compiled?

making text

Does that do text effects?

No just makes fonts

Cummon man, I don’t need fonts! I need a way to animate my text (read above please) so it blows away like smoke or dust.

Its not that hard. Use the Unborne Feature in the Particle section.
I couldn make it look solid at the beginning, but its possible to fade over a Solid rendering in post.

Look for Tutorials about particles (especialy using unborn). If i get a good solution out of it, i gona post it later.

blenders internal text is a curves you have to convert it to a mesh before you can apply particle effect.

you can use wind or vortex fields

or you could change your object to a softbody and use the wind or vortex fields where the text is blown away is a piece of cloth fuild if you use the fluid dynamics.

here is a soft body video tute

elefont give you better options on the what the text looks like than blender. Blender has but one font(I THInk) different fonts can make your credits more intersting


You actualy dont have to use wind.
The force Buttons in the Partical movement Tab will do it, in this case.

This .AVI …

… is created with the Sequence editor.
You need 2 Vids.
One with solid text that fades in a transition to nothing,
and the other with the Particlestream.

Alpha overdrop is then used to combine both vids.
I used an IPO in the first few frames to make the Solid Text completly visible.

In this case it is also posible to use the Halo particles to make it look dustier.

Oh, come on! Let’s get this sucker built-in to Blender. That explode modifier is too cool.

All in favor say aye.