Movie file from a sequence

How do I go from an sequence output and create a working mov file? I know I don’t want to have to output the whole thing each time I make a change but I can’t seem to get from the sequence to the movie file.


By sequence, do you mean a sequence of images?

To turn them into a movie, make a Sequence Editor Window (by default, there is a Screen (Control Right twice) that is used for sequence editing), press space and click Images.

Navigate to your sequence and right mouse drag over your images to select them, and click Select Images. Then place the bar that appears at frame 1.

Now go to the Scene Context>Rendering Subcontext choose where you want the video in the Output Panel, click Do Sequence in the Anim Panel, change the resolution to that of the original image in the Format Panel, and choose a video format (AVI Raw, AVI Codec, Quicktime, or FFMpeg) in the Format Panel and choose codecs and stuff.

Press Anim to render it.