Movie File size

Why is a for example shortmovie Mower Minions
smaller in file size ; total 33 mb , then a short 6 seconds Blender 2.83.9 blend file animation with textures and hdri background ; total 57 mb.
Can mp4 compression this much

What is the size for a 10 minuten blue ray animation movie made with blender compared to
a Pixar or Dreamworks short movie.

Hi, it depends on many things how big a video file is, bitrate, compression, container and so forth. If you know how Minions movie is created you can do the same in Blender (kind of). Some video player give you information about these things.
I would use ffmpeg but it is a command shell tool, really cryptic to use, check VLC player.

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If you are rendering from blender I would highly suggest rendering to an image sequence using .tiff .exr or .png and then you can use handbrake or other software to encode to video without having to re-render. that is how the pros do it at Pixar/Dreamworks. Any video format other than some proprietary ones is compressed so the quality and size depending on the medium it is presented on.

Hi, I guess you want reply to @antonvdh but you are right.
VSE is also slow as hell compare to other video editors using hardware acceleration, for example.

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Already use png files and cache for rerendering.
Fast rendering is done by gpu card and optimize rendering settings. But that was not the question. I also use h264 video codec and ffmpeg for output. Just wondering how you can get smaller size (mb) end files like pixar short movies. One blend file which is 3 mb and after adding textures and a hdri becomes 57 mb .
How is it possible to make a short movie with more than 1000 (x57mb) frames into a only 32 mb mp4 file. How does mp4 do that is it all about converting and compression from blend to video file.?

Sorry i think i found the answer here;

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I recommend that you do all of your renders to [MultiLayer] OpenEXR files, which will capture all of the digital information perfectly. From there, you can individually decide how to produce the “deliverable” files: what format, bitrate, compression, and so on and on and on. Each one is produced individually from the same [OpenEXR] masters.

Since video compression is very much based on similarity between frames and fineness of detail within each frame, it is very difficult to anticipate the final size of any “deliverable” file. Your renders, I think, should be at least twice the resolution (X and Y) of any “print” that you intend to deliver from it.