movie files within blender

Hello good people,

I have a project in mind where I need to generate an animation with Quicktime (or some other video format) movies mapped on 3d objects. 3d objects are moving, video is playing and camera will be animated (doing a simple fly-through) all at the same time.

Since I don’t really know Blender (but hope to get more aqanted with it in the near future) I wanted to ask the forum if

a. What I am talking about is possible
b. Are there any examples/tutorials that show mapping of video onto 3d objects in Blender


Add the movie as a normal image texture, but click the “Movie” button. Switch to another buttons window (like Material Buttons) and switch back, to refresh the window (don’t ask me why you have to do this). Next to the “Frames” box, click the ‘<’ button - this will set it to the number of frames in the movie.

Then you can set the other fields in that panel, like Offset (to change when the movie starts), etc.

You can also use a sequence of images - just make sure they’re named to end with numbers (pic0001.png, pic0002.png, etc), add the first one, do not click Movie, and set the Frames value by hand. Then you can use all the other controls the same way.

thank you

I’ll start on my blender journey immediatly!

The fact that blender is distributed on Lin Win and Mac is really the selling point for me for this particular prjct :slight_smile:

 thank you again,