Movie Ideas

I’m cooking up a few ideas for a new film project, and I thought I’d bounce a couple of ideas off everyone to see how they go over. Most of them are parodies of some sort:

  • “Larry Botter and the Really Smart Guy’s Rock”: A parody of a certain popular film/book franchise. Examples of humor include making malt liquor for the teacher in Potions class, etc.
  • “The Revengers”: An “Avengers” parody. Think “Private First Class America,” a Norse god of minor static discharge, and “Cardboard Man.”
  • TTT. A film adaptation of the classic game Tic-Tac-Toe. Aliens have invaded Earth and are sectioning the globe into nine portions. One by one, each segment goes dark, alternating with a desparate nuclear strike by humanity. At last, only one segment is left unmarked. Who will win?
    Thoughts, comments, etc.?

I’d have to say item 1&2 would probably be the most interesting (I think more towards 2). All in all, I think parody’s are very difficult to get just right, so whatever you have the most & best ideas for is probably what you ought pursue.

Are you a writer for The Asylum Production Company? I have several really good movie idea, including the most epic trilogy ever in the entire planet.
I’ll give you this one, usually I come up with a title first the plot.
“Fungus Among Us”

Short Plot:
Zombies via fungi.

Long Plot:
A hunter in the woods falls into a cave where an undiscovered mushroom has been growing. Bones of animals lie scattered all over the floor of the cave (which is more of a pit than a cave). After several attempts to pull himself out of the pit the hunter finds he is unable to climb out he calls 911 and as he’s describing his predicament he discovers human bones on the floor of the cave as well and the mushrooms growing out of the skull of the human skeleton. Finally help comes and by that time the hunter has turned into a mushroom zombie. CDC is called in, they set up a containment area around the cave, they find out the the fungus, once in the bloodstream, slowly feeds on the white bloodcells of the human body, it attacks the brain, eats away the grey matter leaving the simple primal functions, the fungus uses the host to find others so it can propagate it’s self. The fungus is contained, however one mosquitoe finds it’s way in to the containment zone and spreads the fungus. As you can guess, a zombie apocalypse results and hilarity ensues, that is if you find zombies hilarious.

Hugh Barrett and the Victors have your theme song ready.

Seems interesting - all the best. Look forward to your movie hitting the video store shelves soon.

There’s already directors making money off of parodying popular movies and franchises, for example, ever heard of Epic Movie and Superhero Movie (they weren’t exactly blockbusters though)?

I have Several. New ones coming daily.

Hmmm. I think I’d have to agree that items 1&2 seem more marketable.