Movie in Game engine

Is there a way to go to a movie I have made in the game engine? So when they push a button, you see a new section of the movie?

What do you mean by movie? I dont know exacly, but maybe the Scene Actuator, for SetScene? I’m new into the GE and don’t know all the actuators yet, so its the least I can do.

blender doesn’t have a builtin way to play movies [like an avi file] in the game engine

Has it been done before? Is there a way to do it?

Yeah theres a build with a movie actuator (search for Ultimate Blender), and theres methods using pygame or a seperate movie playing program and python. Ther also is something called FMV player that can do this. In my opinion I think its best to use and ingame type cutscene, not a prerendered one.

I’m building a HSC artwork (Australia high school thing) more then a computer game in this case. Thanks for your help